About SpeedyBooker

Through this site and the Speedybooker Network, we process over 60,000 bookings per year on behalf of bed and breakfasts, hotels, hostels, university residences, apartments, holiday lets and tours in 18 countries.

We are a small but fast growing team in Bury St Edmunds.  We pride ourselves on the highest standards of technology and service, and use the most robust security software to ensure all your information is completely secure.


For accommodation providers: join us!

Independent accommodation providers have recently been losing out to large hotel chains and many have been struggling. This is because they can't compete with the advertising budget of large chains, and many lack access to sophisticated marketing platforms.

The aim of the SpeedyBooker is to correct this by giving accommodation providers of all shapes and sizes access to the highest quality online booking technology and a powerful marketing platform through which they can receive bookings with minimal hassle.  

  • We will advertise your property on our own websites
  • We will share your availability with our partner websites
  • We can give you a bookings engine on your own website (increasing your bookings and revenue, and reducing your administrative hassle from phone and email enquiries).  
  • This means that you only have one central calendar to update with the benefit of exposure on a growing range of websites.

It is free to join.  We work on commission so only get paid for what we deserve. Please find out more about how incredibly easy it is to start receiving bookings from us on our sign up page.


Travel and accommodation websites: partner with us!

We operate a generous affiliate program where you can receive commission for bookings.  If you would like to advertise our accommodation on your website, or want the technology to be able to process bookings direct and thus generate commission, please see our partnerships page: we will explain why we are the best partner for you to enable bookings on your website.

Some helpful tips for increasing your bookings: it is all about the Internet!

1. The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool in existence today – you can target customers that are looking for you and they can learn all about you in the click of a mouse. Make sure you are using a trustworthy and sophisticated online marketing partner.
2. Make sure you don’t provide customers with too much information – this can be overwhelming – better to use less text and more photographs (of high quality) which are easier to absorb and quicker to view.
3. Having found you, potential customers must be able to check availability and make their booking online. Often, they don’t want to pick up the phone (they are often at their desks and want to look like they are working!) or have to email (long-winded and labour-intensive). They want to know what is available, what it costs, and make the booking there and then.
4. In this way, you don’t have to answer the phone the whole time and reply to emails – all you get is the booking confirmation by email and your availability is reduced on the website, by which time the money has already been paid electronically. Easy!
5. Make sure you use a partner that gives you the control over your text, photographs, availability, and pricing via an administration system. You should also be able to login to see a full breakdown of your bookings. This gives you flexibility and control at all times.
6. Most importantly, don’t use an online partner that charges any upfront costs or an annual fee: they won’t have an incentive to generate you as many bookings as possible. Instead, use one that works on commission, so they only get paid for what they deserve.

SpeedyBooker offers all this – which is why we look forward to proving to you that we are the best at what we do.