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Nous sommes ouverts aux réservations et nos propriétés ont mis en place des mesures de sécurité. Veuillez consulter notre FAQ pour plus d'informations.
Annulations: la plupart des établissements proposent un remboursement complet avec un préavis de 14 jours, d'autres des frais administratifs de 10 € peuvent s'appliquer, mais veuillez vérifier les conditions de l'établissement lors de la réservation.


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Mike Tyson famously said, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Well, Covid-19 has been as strong of a right hook as the travel industry is likely to experience in a generation.  

If you are reading this it suggests you have survived the blow.  You may be staggering, or on your knees, but you are still in the game.


So here are some suggestions to help you recover.  The good news is that maximising your bookings and staying safe in summer 2020 need not be mutually exclusive.


We are fighting your corner (final boxing metaphor!) and are here to help you every bit of the way.  If you are not yet signed up to SpeedyBooker, you can find out more here and we hope you will join.

What’s going to happen to bookings in 2020?


International tourism:

Domestic tourism

What’s going to happen next year?

There are two main factors that will impact next year

The news so far on both fronts seems to be positive, so it’s reasonable to assume a major recovery next year.  It could even exceed pre-corona levels as there will be people who have had to postpone trips and events and who are desperate to get out and travel.  This will partially be off-set by those who remain nervous.  There are a lot of uncertainties, but right now the outlook for next year looks positive.

How you can prepare now: 

There are lots you can be doing now to ensure measures are in place to best take advantage of a post-Covid 19 recovery. 

1) Health and cleanliness measures


We have consolidated below the best cleanliness measures being taken by 25 of the top hotel chains globally.  Hopefully many of these ideas will be helpful if you are a visitor attraction as well.

Consider making some (but perhaps not all) of the additional measures permanent, as customers will remain nervous and expect higher cleanliness well into the future. 

2) Communicate the measures you are taking

Guests are going to look for detailed information on your health and safety measures both before booking, and again at check-in.  Your communication of your measures is important to secure bookings.

3) Consider adjusting your cancellation terms or booking terms


4) Adjust your cost base

You need to prepare for 2020 being less busy than normal, in terms of your cost base and resources.  This will enable you to be efficient with your pricing and may enable you to have a marketing budget to maximise your bookings.

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